Expanding STEM Opportunities

Harlem STEM Up! is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that is committed to expanding STEM-related educational and career opportunities for mostly Black and Hispanic/Latinx youth in Harlem, NYC. Founded in 2021, we develop programs for students and partner with other educational leaders, community organizations and corporations with a strong focus on STEM access and underserved youth in Harlem, NYC. EIN is 86-1994936.

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Fewer Black and Hispanic/Latinx students at STEM high schools in NYC.

Low numbers of Latino and Black students at NYC public STEM high schools.

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Disparities in test prep access for NYC specialized high schools.

Black and Hispanic enrollment in the specialized schools has plummeted over the last 40 years. Learn more here.

In NYC, where Blacks and Hispanics make up 70% of the city's school-age population, they represent <5% at the city's most elite public high schools.

“I find it bogus that a singular test determines if [you’re] good enough for the top schools,” said one comment. “Whilst the test does promote this idea of equal testing for all, people go into the test with different levels of preparedness as some go to specialized tutoring, which is paid for, whilst some don’t have the funds to do so,” said another. Article: “What I learned about Standardized Testing.” Learn more here.
The Vision

The Vision

To have more Black and Latinx/Hispanic youth in STEM-focused high schools and career paths; ultimately for a more diverse and inclusive STEM workforce.

The Mission

To increase the presence of underrepresented youth at NYC’s specialized high schools and in STEM careers by providing support, exposure, mentoring, and scholarships for mostly Black and Latinx/Hispanic students in Harlem, NYC.

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Stem Stats at a Glance

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STEM workers aged 25 and older in the U.S.
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of STEM workforce with bachelor's degrees or higher are Black/African American
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of STEM workforce with bachelor's degrees or higher are Hispanic/Latinx
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